A full life is a life of growth. No matter how old you are, growth is essential. Use these resources to discover and grow in God's plan for your life. God wants to love you and grow you into the person He knows you can be!

Bible In A Year

The best way to understand God is to systematically read the Bible. Check out some reading plans for reading through the Bible. VIEW PLANS

What Do You Need?

Do you have a need right now that you want God to help you with. Allow God's Word to speak to you. VIEW NEEDS

Spiritual Gifts

Take a spiritual gifts "test" to give you some indication of what gifts God has given you. Then find ways to use those gifts for the benefit of others. TAKE THE TEST

Financial Management

A recent study showed that over Seventy-four percent of the people surveyed are not satisfied with their finances. It seems that no matter how much you make it’s never enough. This page is available to help you take steps to get out of debt and experience financial freedom. LEARN MORE